Silver, Brass, and Gold plated Jewellery

Please remove jewellery when:

  • Exercising of any sorts
  • Bathing or swimming, to prevent contact with chlorine, sea salt, chemicals of bathing products, and sun tan lotions.
  • Sleeping, have a small bowl next to you bed to keep your pieces in safely.
  • Applying  perfume, lotion, oil, make-up, hair products, etc.
  • When cooking and cleaning, and especially when using harsh chemicals.
  • Gardening, painting, doing crafts/pottery etc.
  • Avoid any extreme temperatures, this can affect the stones and even the metal.

Everyone has a slightly different skin pH which will affect the rate your jewellery tarnishes, if you have acidic skin it can cause the jewellery to tarnish quite rapidly, gentle regular cleaning with a mild jewellery cleaner and frequent wear will help prevent this.

EXCEPT with gold plated jewellery, use only warm water and dishwashing liquid, and an old toothbrush or soft cloth to wash and a soft polishing cloth to dry.



Semi precious stones: crystals, agate, lapis lazuli, turquoise, jasper, etc. Soak in warm water to remove any dirt, use a soft toothbrush if necessary, rinse and gently dry with a soft cloth.



Soak in warm water, avoid all soaps, chemicals, perfumes and lotions. dry with a soft cloth.



Choose an appropriate jewellery cleaner for silver/brass and follow manufacturers instructions, or use warm water and dishwashing liquid and soak for a few minutes to gently clean, dry with a soft cloth.



In a small bowl next to sink or bed when removing for showering, washing dishes or sleeping. When travelling, individual pieces to be kept in a soft fabric bag or a small box with cushioning. For longer periods of time, individual pieces, in a soft fabric pouch, or individually wrapped in soft fabric and stored in a jewellery box or safe.